Imp City, Underground Creature Keeping


Imp City is a toy project, inspired by the old Dungeon Keeper game. It’s about building an underground kingdom and keeping your creatures happy.

Imp City r011
Imp City r011

Creatures will enter your realm if their needs are met. Some just want a place to sleep and something to eat, others are interested in doing research, and want a library, others will like to have a workshop where they can work. Some creatures will come for free, others will ask for payment if they work for you. So gathering wealth in order to pay the more powerful creatures will be part of the game.


In r011, the only goods chain to create wealth is to mine copper and tin ore, bring those to workshops, where conians will create bronze coins from the ores. Imps will bring the coins to the nearest treasury.

Project Page at Sourceforge

Imp City grew out of my „The Hunt for the lost Rainbow Jewels“ project, and therefore shares the codebase and most of the graphics with it.



  1. Basics:
  2. Rooms:
  3. Spells:
  4. Creatures:
  5. Hotkeys:
  6. Production Chains:


  1. Your first farm:
  2. Mining for Beginners:




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