Imp City, Rooms


Button Function
LairsLair Button Converts normal floors to a floor where creatures can place their lairs. Your creatures must rest and sleep, so be sure that there is enough space for all to place their lairs.
FarmsFarm Button Converts normal floors to farmland where edible plants can grow. Your creatures will need something to eat, and you need farms to feed them.
Treasuriesbutton_treasury Converts normal floors to treasuries. Your imps will use those to collect valuables.
Librariesbutton_library Converts normal floors to libraries. Libraries are not functional yet in r009, but creatures will use these spaces to read books.
WorkshopsWorkshop Converts normal floors to workshops. Currently, in r011, a smeltery is the only type of workshop. In a smeltery bronze coins are created from tin and copper ore.
Demolish Changes a room tile back to a normal dungeon square.



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