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Der Todeswunsch – Das Leben einer Abfangrakete

Sorry für Englisch. Ich bin zu faul, das noch mal auf Deutsch zu schreiben.

Launched towards your target, your sole of existence is to die – and take one of the enemy with you. In an explosion of glory.

The flashing drives soon bring you up to speed, the empty space lets you head smoothly for your last goal till … point defense guns spill barrage fire!

They want to make you die before you reach the goal of your existence! Skillfully you evade the fire of the guns, still they are too many and their shots dig into your armour, wanting to make you die before the moment of glory that you are hoping for. But your creators clad you in steel and fibres, the best they had, to keep you safe. They gave you the most powerful drives, made for one ride, the ride of your life .. and death.

Passing the barrage fire, the echo of the target shows more brightly on the radar than ever before. „Head for the last third“, your creators told you, „that’s where the reactors and the drives are housed.“ „The last third“, they said, „if you hit it right, you and them will go in a firework of glory.“ You repeat to yourself, „The last third. The last third of the ship“ and adjust the course.

The point defense guns are still firing but you are too fast now, and you passed their most effective range. Now it’s no more evasive maneuvers, you stabilize your flight, focus on the target fully.

Take one of them down with you. Take one down .. that was what you were made for, the sole goal of your short life. Take one them down and keep your makers safe from them.

You fire your drives again, homing in on the last third of the ship as they told you. Armour raises like a wall in front of you. The impact, it hurts, but it’s not time to explode yet. Ceramic plates breach, fibers rip, metal bends under your force and the sensors show the reactor core just ahead of you. Your drives are still firing, but each layer of armour takes away some your speed.

Drives, power me, drives fire one last time, give me all you have!

Digging deeper into the enemies body, the urge to trigger the last task becomes irresistible, the heat to call the explosion, but still one more deck to breach, another layer of metal, till the targets armour ate up all of your speed and the drives burn in vain. Now! Now it is the time, burn the load, trigger the big event.

A tiny spark spawns on the wire, rushes along the cable, it hits the explosives. You feel yourself grow, grow in glory while the other impressions fade. Data from the sensors stops, a last impression reaches your synthetic mind. The reactor’s containment was breached and the force of the explosion digs into the reactors core …

The explosion rocks the ship and you, tears both to shreds, but your mind fades in an feeling of deep satisfaction. You have done it! Reached the reactor core and triggered it. And just a moment after you feel so filled with happiness, a pleasant nothingness embraces you, having reached and fulfilled the last goal of your life. A thousand soldiers die, a spaceship shatters. The explosion rocks the space a million miles. So happy. So happy!