Solarex – Travel and Explore the Galaxy


Solarex is a space game about trading, prospecting and exploration. It is kept graphically simple, but it offers a huge galaxy of solar systems to explore. You can trade, mine for resources, and accept quests and jobs from inhabitants of the game’s world.

In later versions, there will be options to explore unknown systems, and sell the gathered data to big mining corporations, if you don’t want to go mining by yourself.

Several types of spaceships and a variety of equipment are available. The selection will be growing with further development of the project.

Solarex is currently labeled „alpha“ state – that means that some parts are incomplete, of left out alltogether, and some of the existing code is buggy. This is less than a „beta“ aka „complete, but buggy“ version, but it should be complete and stable enough to give you an idea what it will be about. Just a warning, that you shouldn’t expect too much.

A First Journey

You start at Spaceport Adams Transfer in the system Werteizin. There isn’t anything special about this location – the spaceport is run by the terraneans, the government type is a democratic, and only few goods are blacklisted here.

To get started, we’ll transport a few goods to another spaceport in this system. The planet is rich on metals, particularly iron, so metals are cheap here. You can often find heavy metals sold for less than 5 credits per unit.

To buy heavy metals, trigger the Commodity exchange Panel on your board computer. Find the „heavy metals“ entry, and use the „>“ button right of the text to buy heavy metal cargo units. Buy as many as you can afford.

Now, we need a location which is in need of metals. To find one, open the „System Info“ panel on your board computer. It will show all the space bodies of the Werteizin system. Werteizin 3 is an ice planet, without any recoverable metals. In orbit we find a space station. Presumably the people there are in need of metals, because they can’t mine any on the planet, and must import all metals.

To check this, open a radio connection to Lookout Rktrk, a rockeater station. To do this, simply click the station on the system info panel. You’ll be prompted with similar options than for your local spaceport, and you can get a price list by radio link. So click the „Commodity Exchange“ button on the radio link panel, and look at the prices. And indeed, heavy metals are wanted, and they pay more than 70 credits for a cargo unit. That seems to be a fair offer to warrant the journey.

Travelling time. Now open the „Navigation“ panel, to access the system map. You’ll see the sun and some circles, indicating the planet orbits. Drag the map with the mouse so that Werteizin 3 is near the map center, and zoom in, using the mouse wheel. If you have zoomed in far enough, you’ll see the Lookout Rktrk. Now click the station, and the autopilot will launch your ship automatically and begin travelling there.

Your normal drive is good for short distance operations, but travelling between planets can take weeks if not months. therefore all ships have a second drive, called Stardrive. This is a much faster way to travel, but the stardrive doesn’t allow any navigation, and will bring you in a straight line to your destination.

To trigger the star drive, click the „Engage Stardrive“ button on the navigation panel. A sudden boost of speed, a slowdown phase, and you’re already there at Lookout Rktrk. Now sell the heavy metals in the commodity exchange. Well the price has dropped somewhat since you started the flight, but it still is above 60 credits, and will give you a good income. Sell all your heavy metal units.

Now you should have about 1400 credits, about 14 times the sum you had at start.



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