When an idea makes you shiver

The „Zen Pencils“ is a comic series which has highly impressed me. It has impressed me for both, the visual style and the messages in the strips.

The last issue that rang a bell in me was this:


I fully second the message „Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.“ I think it made me shiver, because it showed me what is wrong in my life – I’ve never really been alive. Been unliving for so long now, that I barely have an idea anymore how real life works and feels. But there is hope to get there some day. Break free and live.

Then today, I found this strip:


First I thought it was cruel. On a second look, it still is cruel, but it just mirrors how the world is. There is no place for the weak in this world, a thing that worries me, because I’m definitely not one of the strong ones. On the other hand, despite all handicaps and deficiencies, I’ve always found ways forward so far. Being bone headed can be a virtue in some cases.

So, cruel or not, it shows what the world expects from us. I write „world“ this time and not „society“ as I would usually do, since I think it’s the world which is so cruel. The society in my opinion actually is there for protecting and guiding the weak, from the lack of mercy for the weak in the world, since also the weak can be a benefit to society. A pity that these days society no longer sees it as a goal to protect and guide the weak, but has become a playground for the strong ones, to become even stronger at the expense of the weak.

It gave me shivers again to be shown the nature of the world in such simple yet clear pictures.

If you want, you can try listening to this tune, while watching the strips and taking in the message – particularly the second strip:


The lyrics are about the situation in Germany after the second world war, but that is not that important, just take in the emotions from the sound while you watch.


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