The Frosted Tree

Making Of The Frosted Tree

Since some years I try to get away from computer related hobbies, and spend my time differently. Photography was my first choice, and making small, decorative items is my most liked one so far.

In this article I want to present my latest work, „The Frosted Tree“. It’s been meant to become a small, frost covered tree, but the results of my „frost covering“ were, well, not very frosty. Some glitter effect remains, although it doesn’t show well on the photos, and unfortunately the color turned into a gray instead of white. So sometimes I call it the „Silver Tree“ instead now. A first photo, after painting the socket, and applying a ring of first rocks to build a border for keeping a ring of sand later. The question how to glue the tree parts to the socket I solved with some modeling clay, brown to simulate soil.

Frosted Tree in Making
Making of The Frosted Tree

And yes, I actually read the newspaper, but it makes a good table cover for such works as well.

First Photo Session

After completion, I tried to take some photos, and chose a purple background. It’s been a sunny moment (sun is rare these days) and so I used the natural light for the photo. The glitter really doesn’t show this way, though.

First Photo Session
First Photo Session

Second Photo Session

Feeling unsatisfied with the blue background version, and the lack of glitter, I’ve been trying again. I’ve applied some white-mirroring sort of glitter powder, but it mostly shows on the brown soil part, where some stray particles dropped to. I let them there, because it seemed to be alright to me.

Second Photo Session
Second Photo Session

This last photo was taken with artificial light, and a light silver background, which shows as light gray in this sort of light. I’m still not all satisfied with it. The depth of field in this photo is a bit too shallow and the front- and back-most parts of the tree are a little blurry. Still, at the moment I feel too lazy to try again, and I’ll call it good enough for the time being.

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