The Beginning of a Blog

After long consideration I’ve decided to start a blog. The biggest uncertainty is, if I can spend enough time to take care of the blog, but at the moment it seems to be doable.

I’ve got a backlog of articles and article ideas, so the first few weeks I should be able to update weekly or bi-weekly. Some of the topics seem to be hot though, and I feel uncertain if I can moderate a discussion of those, if the blog takes up speed and people actually comment and discuss. I’ll have to see if and when I want to post those articles.

Areas of interest:

  • Social topics, with a touch of philosophy
  • Crafting and artwork related
  • Photography
  • More or less witty notes, and interesting finds from all over the place.

There surely will be more areas to write about, but these will be the majority. I assume that many articles will be written in German, either if I feel my English to be insufficient to cover the details of a topic, of if I consider the article to be of particular interest of german readers.

The title of the blog, „gedankenweber“, roughly translates to „weaver of thoughts“, and that’s what’s behind the blog – I keep thinking about a lot of things. If I’m coming to good or interesting results with my thinking, I can’t say, but I want to share some of my thoughts.

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